Contrast And Time. NASA International Space Station Art Collection Outer Space Inter-Stellar Mission 2015. First Launched at Mona Foma January 18, 2015

This project was originally commissioned by Aphids Events Inc. as part of the Forever Now Project. Forever Now is a curatorial project that responds to our cultural obsession with immortalising ourselves. In the footsteps of the Golden Record sent into space in 1977 on the Voyager space probe, curators Willoh S. Weiland, Brian Ritchie, Jeff Khan and Thea Baumann, worked with the international community to research, curate and create a contemporary golden record containing 44 audio and audio-visual works. The 44 selected works were launched into space as part of a spectacular concert in January 2015. In this short film, Amorphous addresses the concept of time through a motion self-portrait. Of the project, she writes "I have purposely removed identifying features in order to represent “any human being” -a body moving through space and time in a repetitive pendulum motion."

Savage Way To Live features a series of self-portrait vignettes as originally commissioned by creative director Matthew Chokshi for the music video by the Brooklyn-based band Relations. Amorphous appears opposite Matthew Avedon as herself in this series of surreal motion portraits inspired by her Hypnagogia series. These self-created vignettes feature in-camera film distortion effects created by the artist using the same techniques used in the photographic series.