Selected Interviews


Surrealism In Photography With Kalliope Amorphous, Feature interview with Epson's Fotoflock, 2015 (link)

Enquire Magazine, 2014 (Italian) (English)

Cyberhex Journals, 2014 (link)

All The Thunder magazine, 2013 (link)

Dazed And Confused, 2012 (link)

Huffington Post, 2012 (link)

Anormal Magazine, 2012 (Spanish) (link)

Nau Nua Art Magazine, 2011 English Edition (link)  Spanish Edition (link) Catalan Edition (link)

Fluster Magazine, 2011 (link)

Interview with art critic Brian Sherwin, 2008 (link)


Selected Features And Articles


Surrealism In Photography With Kalliope Amorphous, Feature interview with Epson's Fotoflock, 2015 (link)

Review of Glass Houses in Vexxed Magazine, 2015 (link)

Self As Subject: The Multiple Exposure Project, 2015 (link)

"Ethereal Self-Portraits Of An Imaginary Hollywood", Trendhunter, 2014 (link)

"Odas Fotograficas Al Deconcierto", Rossy De Palma for Yo Dona Magazine, 2013 (link)

"Beyond The Mirror: 'Glass Houses' By Kalliope Amorphous", Lancia Trend Visions, 2013 (link)

"Living Dream Created Through Long Exposures", My Modern Met, 2013 (link)

"Kalliope Amorphous Photographs From ‘Glass Houses’ Are A Distorted Reality", Mutant Space, 2013 (link)

"Glass Houses: Self-Portraits In A Moving Mirror Por Kalliope Amorphous", Anormal Magazine, 2014 (link)

"Fading Phantom Photography", Trendhunter, 2012 (link)

"Kalliope Amorphous: Capturando Sueños", Cultura Colectiva, 2012 (link)

"Submerged Self-Portraits,  ‘Glass Houses’ by Kalliope Amorphous Uses Distortion Mirrors To Mesmerize", Trendhunter, 2012 (link)

"Rise: Kalliope Amorphous", Dazed And Confused Magazine, 2012  (link)

Also featured in:

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Selected Publications And Exhibition Catalogs


Furies: A Poetry Anthology Of Women Warriors (link)

Shoot Me magazine, Issue 16, 2014 (link)

Infinity’s Kitchen, Issue 7, 2014 (link)

Black Tongue Review, Winter 2014 (link)

Carne Magazine, Issue 20, 2013 (link)

All The Thunder Magazine, Issue 1, 2013 (link)

Eleven Eleven Journal Of Literature And Art, Issue 15, 2013 (link)

Plates To Pixels, Enchantment Exhibition Catalog, 2013 (link)

Looking Back: The Art Of Nostalgia: An Exhibition At PhotoPlace Gallery, 2013 (link)

Singular Art Magazine, 2013 (link)

1650 Gallery. I’ll Be Your Mirror, Exhibition Catalog, 2012 (link)

Descry Magazine, Issue 3, Someone Stole My Heart, 2011 (link)

The Julia Margaret Cameron Award Book, A Collection Of Works By Women Photographers, 2011 (link)

GLAAD OUTAuction 2011 Catalog (link)

Camera Obscura Journal, 2011 (link)

WIP Magazine Issue 10, 2010 (link)

Dark Beauty Magazine, Issue 1, 2010 (link)

The Omen Magazine, Issue 1, 2010 (link)

Flop Magazine, Issue 10, 2010 (link)