Olfactory Art

Olfactory art allows me to explore many of the same themes that I explore in my visual art through a different and more sensory medium. Through it I can turn archetypes, myths, and memories into something tangible and evocative. My blends are inspired by dreams, memories, historical periods, mythology, poetry, emotions, and sometimes odd flights of fancy. I especially love exploring duality though creative fragrance blending, and you'll find this reflected in my palette of fragrances which explore themes that are light and dark, sweet and sinister, classic and strange.

Perfume, much like music, utilizes the arrangement of notes and chords to provoke an emotional response. When I am creating a blend, the process is similar to writing a poem or creating an image. I craft each blend based on the emotional quality of each note or chord until the picture that I have in mind emerges in the story of the finished fragrance. From the initial concept to the final touches, my goal is to craft timeless and evocative wearable art. My work at Black Baccara represents over a decade of working in the medium of olfactory art. I hope that you will enjoy wearing my perfumes as much as I love creating them.

-Kalliope Amorphous