Curse And Key

i am a sthenographer
in a quart of blood;
la mort intacte
- before hemorrhage,
before flood,
before Hecate,
— a cartographer of fire,
schooled by the sound of drowning,
fluent in the ground by the pyre,
i am all syllables heard in burning,
i am all stages of bloom and rust,
i am the sibyls churned and sold to dust
and the paths their ashes wore away.
i am the matter marked decay;
a floral crown grown in curse,
a verse flourishing in clay.

i am the winds which convulse
on the axis of arteries
wintered by loving,
and the splintered artillery
of her pulse.
before the shuttered vein,
before the scatter of stars,
i am the stuttered prayer
mouthed on a map drawn in scars.